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 Riddhi Toshniwal


Masters in Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations (Corporate Strategy & Communication); Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) 

Working as a Social Media Executive at Mindstorm

Have been associated with Prayosha since April 2018.

Sometimes discovering yourself requires travel, experience and life-changing moments. For me it was when I walked into a classroom filled with little angels sitting along with their parents and all I could see was their twinkling eyes and a sense of hope in the eyes of their parents, and from then, I knew what I wanted to do. Ever since I have been associated with Prayosha, I have grown to be a better individual each day. Prayosha to some extent has been an eye opener for me and I feel blessed to have a supporting environment. I hope I am able to support Prayosha enough while it is making a significant contribution towards a better tomorrow.

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