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Annual Meets

We believe that every individual associated with Prayosha is a part of ‘Our Big Family’. Hence, we make it a point that we plan a day when our volunteers, team leads, principals of the schools we are associated with, our beloved angels and their families come together and spend a lovely time. The purpose of this is to give an opportunity for our volunteers and angels to know each other and their families more personally. It is to provide a platform where our lovely angels can show their talent. It is an opportunity for all the parents, team members to discuss the problems they are facing and for us to work on it for the coming year. Annual Meets have always been overwhelming for both the volunteers and angels. It not only keeps the angels motivated to do better but also the volunteers to give in more towards this organisation. 

Raftaar Dance Event

People work hard and wait for the perfect opportunity their whole life and even then some people never get that one opportunity. We had the opportunity to collaborate with GM Dance Academy who gave our angels the chance to perform at their annual show Raftaar 2019. This show encouraged our girls to work hard and overcome their stage fear and surely gave them a platform to showcase their talent.

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