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PBHS School

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Name of school: Pragnya Bodhini High School 


About school: Pragnya Bodhini High School is an institution with an experiential learning of 6 decades. The journey started with our Late founder Mr. G. R. Shukla in a small enclosed room to a beautiful 7 storey complex with all the necessary facilities for a student to embrace knowledge not only academically but also culturally and environmentally. Developing life skills was the direction given by our founder. He recognized the needs of the changing times and hence the school that had initially started with only a Gujrati medium opened its first English medium division under the able guidance of Mrs.  Kuth Rose, in the year 1974.  Today we  are a family of 1400 students on the rolls, also catering to the lower - middle class and middle class children.  Though it's medium of instruction in English, the school has always honored and followed the Indian tradition and heritage and functioned within the parameters of the Indian Culture. Today, learning has reached new heights and colors. The world is progressing by leaps and bounds. The modern student is struggling with innumerable odds in this highly competitive world and in our recklessly fast place of progress several human values ​​are ignored and even neglected.  But we at Pragnya Bodhini believe that no society or people or nation can progress unless the values ​​of life are rightly imbibed by the human mind, hence at PBHS we are giving our students a platform which will make them strong academically but also be a master of technology available today, but also teach them citizenship surviving and maintaining skills. The lessons of love, peace understanding, tolerance and secularism are imparted to the students so that the Happiness Quotient (HQ) of each and every child goes up. Thereby HQ of their family goes high. We are very sure this will definitely lift up the society. We have taken up the noble but mammoth task of nation building and we are sure that we will achieve our goal with the help of our well-wishers. So we have aligned our vision mission objective in one line. 

Vision - Empowered India

Mission - Excellence in Education 

Objective - Perfection  

Belief - To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever 

Our belief is a strong statement; we sincerely work on our beliefs. We want our students not only to grow to make a mark on global platforms but also we have taught them how local values should be carried on global platforms. 

To uplift these children to a global platform is an uphill task as we need to upgrade not only technologies, but also need to bring in digital tools, expert speakers, and expert trainers. We want to reduce the burden of this economic gap. Always try to bridge the gap by applying to various institutes for CSR fundings.


Why Prayosha: Prayosha was introduced to the school by Mr. NEERAJ SHAH. It has been a wonderful positive journey from the last 5 years. We as a school have seen Prayosha grow and so has the number of scholarships; from 9 angels to 41 in the year 19-20. The school and Prayosha have been bonded together like adhesive forces due to various reasons: 

1) Standardized process of selection of angels for scholarships - interviews of stakeholders, visiting the homes of angels for background check and authenticity

2) Appointing a mentor volunteer for each angel

3) Personally calling and taking regular feedback of the well-being of angels

4) Organizing talks, lectures, to see that angels are at par with learning

5) The process of feedback about how the angels are performing academically

6) Organizing a cultural program for angels so that they will be able overcome stage fear in singing and dancing

7) Prayosha and the trustees have readily accepted all our suggestions so that they would benefit the angels. 

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