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Prayosha is an everlasting journey and not a race to the finish line. We are currently a small, growing non-profit organization that hopes to set an example to other people in India. We continue to work relentlessly and passionately in transforming and empowering women of today. Conceptualizing Prayosha in 2016, today we are supporting 65+ angels in the Goregaon area of Mumbai. We have been very meticulous in our approach, defining the operational framework and governance so that we can replicate for other suburbs of Mumbai and beyond in the next couple of years. We hope to create a model/platform where if anyone is motivated to start something similar in their city, then we can guide them and provide them with all the necessary resources to successfully run Prayosha in their city/village.


Central to all our impact is the contribution and commitment of our volunteer community, donors, and our management team. It is sometimes easy to donate money to a foundation, but the biggest gift one can donate is their time. As someone said it very well, “The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back”.

While our main focus stays with the girls, we believe it’s important for the parent to be an active member of this process. We expect a commitment from both, the parents and the girl, to be fully dedicated to our guidance and cause. While some parents may not be able to take an active role, we insist that they fully support their daughter and encourage them more by having conversations with them. This not only motivates the girl, but builds a stronger bond between the parents and their daughter.


 Milestones achieved:

• Had the privilege to adopt a new school that makes use of nature based education- “Rishi Valmiki School”

• Conducted one-to-one counseling sessions for angels passing out 10th Standard

• Successfully completed 21 weeks of dance sessions

• Prayosha is now on social media platforms which has helped us to connect with new volunteers

• We are a committee based organization so that each committee can focus on a particular aspect more  _dedicatedly

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