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Mount Mary High School

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Name of school: Mount Mary High School

About school: Mount Mary High School was established on 8th September 1961. The School caters to students from the Pre - Nursery to Standard Tenth, dividing the school in four different sections. The Management (The Suburban Education Society, Bombay) was established on 8th September ‘1962. Student Strength: Inception Year 82 and Current Year 1000 approx. 

Our Motto – Truth and Honesty 

Our Slogan – Marching Forward 

Our Objectives – To train every child to work Intelligently, and to inculcate in them the habits of Self – Reliance, Self – Discipline and Self Culture. To encourage them in the spirit of boldness and develop the skills of entrepreneurship.



Why Prayosha: Empowering Teenagers to Educated Women is Team Prayosha’s sole motto. No words can describe the heart and the will which needs to be put in action to transform women in this Nation as Independent and Equal. A mammoth Task taken up with a smile by the founders Mr. Hetal Patel & Mrs. Meena Patel with an astonishing Team of Qualified Professionals as Trustees and budding youth as volunteers that make TEAM PRAYOSHA to achieve the impossible.

Prayosha is best defined as BORN TO SERVE which is evident from the support that the organization gives to its angels from their secondary to professional education

You Need a Godfather in life which is sighted, these girls under Prayosha are blessed to be Nurtured in Education and we pray that they recognise it, so that this cycle with time multiplies to overcome the social fabric of abolishing the female feticide.

Mount Mary High School Goregaon, India, has some angel sponsorship by Prayosha. It’s not only the sponsorship that Prayosha looks into but also follows up with every angel’s academics along with the social exposure that completes this programme as a TRUE MENTOR PROGRAMME.  

In conclusion, An acronym for PRAYOSHA,  

A PRAY to Out-Shine Her Ambition.

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