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Arvind Khinversa - Life Coach/Trustee

Arvind Khinvesra, member of Prayosha, is a Life Coach and Corporate trainer. He works with individuals to help them identify and realize their potential to achieve their goals.

Arvind realized the importance of right guidance and skill development after attending a public speaking workshop in his first year of engineering. This program changed his life and brought about a 180 degree change in his personality. Having benefitted and having experienced the change himself, Arvind always harbored a wish to help others through such programs. He finally ventured full time into the field of personal development after having spent 22 years in the manufacturing and IT industry. His experience of having worked on the shop floor as well as interacting with CEO’s and CIO’s across the globe has developed his keen perspective of skill requirements of people in different industries and at different levels.

Arvind’s association with Prayosha will enable a comprehensive development of the Angels in various aspects of their lives. In addition to the academic progress of these Angels, his focus will continue on developing their soft skills.


Time has come to leverage my experience to support Prayosha and help Angels fulfill their aspirations. Prayosha is the missing link in my life and it is a privilege to be associated with the organization.

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