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Aruna Chhajed Dhanesha - CA/Brain Trust


Aruna Dhanesha is a practicing Chartered Accountant. She is a partner in one of the oldest Chartered Accountants firms  in India - Chhajed and Doshi. She joined the organization in the year  2000 to become the first and only lady partner.


Aruna considers herself fortunate to have been born in a family that promoted girls' education and her desire is to create an environment where a girl child is allowed to pursue her dreams.

Aruna has been involved in social projects at her native place, installation of  solar lights, planting trees and conducting eye camps being some of them. She is a bundle of ideas coming up with various options for the development of girls.

Aruna’s professional background will help Prayosha in ensuring the right management and utilization of finances. She is also leading a committee that looks into identifying the deserving students for scholarship.

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