Prayosha does not limit up to the financial assistance for education, but the organization also offers different programs to these young women to encourage personal growth and development, such as one-on-one and group mentoring, workshops, and career development programs. Through providing these programs, Prayosha Foundation will ensure that underserved young women in India will have the resources to make healthy choices in order to have successful, fulfilling lives. It will conduct the educational programs for the recipient young women throughout the year. One such program will be a conference that will offer educational programs such as workshops, career counselling, mentoring, and the opportunity to network with notable women..

The organization will also facilitate workshops which will cover topics concerning success, positive decision-making, life skills, career choices, goal-setting, healthy relationships, and other topics covering the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Prayosha Foundation will offer leadership training to empower and educate young women on subjects such as entrepreneurship, careers, workforce readiness, and other similar subjects. By offering these educational programs, Prayosha Foundation will provide young women in India access to opportunities and resources that will give them the power to control their own lives, make their own choices, and influence social change both nationally and internationally.


Dance Workshop

Fortunately, we are lucky to have a versatile team and two of the team members - Khushi and Gautam who are dance choreographers volunteered to conduct dance workshops for our angels. It started with a trial session and lasted for 3 months. These workshops were not only a fun session for angels but proved to be very effective in terms of Angel-Volunteer connect as our volunteers also attended the dance sessions and took it as an opportunity to spend some time with their angels.


English Speaking

We identified that our angels needed to work on their Communication skills and that’s when we found Miss Jasmin Gazdar, a lecturer at Jai Hind College. She conducted English Speaking Classes for our beloved angels. She encouraged them to read newspapers daily and initiated a discussion related to the current affairs in every session. She always motivated them to explore new words while reading instead of being scared of coming across such words and would innovatively teach them some new words every session to enhance their vocabulary. The angels are now more confident and fluent in communication.

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Personal Hygiene

“Female Hygiene” is a topic not openly discussed yet in India, but we made it a point that our little angels are aware about the same. Dr. Sangeeta Punamia, one of our volunteers, took it in her hands to educate them about the same in a very innovative way.

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Career Counselling

Students are often perplexed about choosing a career path in the future, given that there are just so many opportunities to excel in nowadays. Career counselling allows them to analyze their skills, interests and abilities which would finally guide them in choosing a career path suited for them. For our dynamic angels, our in-house counselor and volunteer, Minoti Shah came to our rescue. The angels that were done with schooling had individual sessions with her to resolve their questions/doubts related to their career and got clarity about different ways in which they can excel at their desired career option.