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The Journey

Prayosha is an everlasting journey and not a race to the finish line. We are currently a small, growing non-profit organization that hopes to set an example to other people in India. We continue to work relentlessly and passionately in transforming and empowering women of today. Conceptualizing Prayosha in 2016, today we are supporting 65+ angels in the Goregaon area of Mumbai. We have been very meticulous in our approach, defining the operational framework and governance so that we can replicate for other suburbs of Mumbai and beyond in the next couple of years. We hope to create a model/platform where if anyone is motivated to start something similar in their city, then we can guide them and provide them with all the necessary resources to successfully run Prayosha in their city/village.

Central to all our impact is the contribution and commitment of our volunteer community, donors, and our management team. It is sometimes easy to donate money to a foundation, but the biggest gift one can donate is their time. As someone said it very well, “The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back”.

While our main focus stays with the girls, we believe it’s important for the parent to be an active member of this process. We expect a commitment from both, the parents and the girl, to be fully dedicated to our guidance and cause. While some parents may not be able to take an active role, we insist that they fully support their daughter and encourage them more by having conversations with them. This not only motivates the girl, but builds a stronger bond between the parents and their daughter.


A journey of a million miles begins with a single step, but who would have thought that the journey of Prayosha would begin from the first episode of SatyamevJayate televised nationally on May 6, 2012. The episode focuses on one of the most sensitive social issues prevalent in modern India – “female feticide”. As you continue to sit through the episode, it dawns on one that the problem is more flagrant not only in the rural areas but also amongst the major metro cities in India. In one segment, the illustration of the map of India slowly transitions from soft red to blood red depicting the area of fewer numbers of female feticides to areas where the crime was committed in large numbers. It tears the fabric of your soul watching the entire map of India now in different shades of red. Not a single white speck.

The question that instantaneously comes in our mind – How is India progressive in the 21st century? We might be growing economically but what about all the social issues? We think it is left to the masses to address social issues. The episode brought about a realization that an economically backward family was forced to limit education to their children & invariably the girl child lost out.

Team Prayosha


Dheena Desai.webp

Dheena Desai


Niraj Shah.webp

Niraj Shah


Arvind Khinvesra.webp

Arvind Khinvesra


Brain Trust

Meena Patel.jpg

Meena Patel

Brain Trust


Aruna Chhajed Dhanesha

CA / Brain Trust

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Tarun Gala

Brain Trust


Anjali Joshi.jpg

Anjali Joshi

Riddhi Toshniwal.webp

Riddhi Toshniwal

Rumi Desai.webp

Rumi Desai

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Vatsal Mehta


Dhwani Toshniwal.webp

Dhwani Toshniwal

Kavish Gandhi.webp

Kavish Gandhi

Shantanu Phatangare.webp

Shantanu Phatangare


Vidisha Shah.webp

Vidisha Shah

__Prapti Doshi__.jpg

Prapti Doshi

Pranay Bhabera.webp

Pranay Bhabera


Dr. Nirali Mehta.webp

Dr. Nirali Mehta

__Harsha Gala__.jpg

Harsha Gala

__Vidya Jain__.jpg

Vidya Jain

Sanay Shah.webp

Sanay Shah

Arvita Khinvesra.webp

Arvita Khinvesra

__Bharti Jain__.jpg

Bharti Jain


Minoti Shah


Aashi Shah.webp

Aashi Shah

Honey Pardiwala.webp

Honey Pardiwala

dr sangeeta.jpg

Dr. Sangeeta Punamia

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Parshika Gandhi

_Dharni Shah_.jpg

Dharni Shah

Dhwani Parekh.webp

Dhwani Parekh

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Keval Bhatt

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Divesh Gadhvi

Gautam Modi.webp

Gautam Modi

Pratik Shejwadkar.webp

Pratik Shejwadkar

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Surbhi Bajaj

Akshaya Dixit.webp

Akshaya Dixit

Aishwarya Goswami.webp

Aishwarya Goswami

__Tanisha nanda.jpg

Tanisha Nanda

Utkarsh Karkal.webp

Utkarsh Karkal

__Sonia Bhambhani.jpg

Sonia Bhambhani

Khushi Daga.webp

Khushi Daga

Surabhi Shimpi.webp

Surabhi Shimpi

shree dafatary.jpg

Shree Daftary

Heta Joshi.webp

Heta Joshi

Yash Shah.webp

Yash Shah

Shailja Soni.webp

Shailja Soni

__Hrishikesh Khadye.jpg

Hrishikesh Khadye

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Panchami Baleri

__Raveena Chawla Singh.jpg

Raveena Chawla Singh

Financial Partners

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